skut emblem logo inspired by fu lu shou wealth prosperity fortune longevity

What is SKUT?

Inspired by the symbols of mythological deities Fu, Lu & Shou, who represent prosperitylongevity & blessings in Taoist philosophy, The SKUT Emblem aims to manifest wealthprosperity & fortuneThe SKUT Emblem serves as a talisman, or good-luck charm, manifesting the principles that inspired it — wealth, prosperity & fortune — into your life. 

Fashion is a form of communication, and our message is meant to inspire people to reach higher levels of consciousness. The SKUT Emblem is a visual reminder that the Universe is working in your favor, and to align your thoughts, actions, and emotions towards the things that bring you joy and matter most.

  •  JAYGUST serves as the Creative Director and handles all execution of consumer facing activities. A true professional in his field, digital marketing is his area-of-expertise. He is SKUT’s primary graphic designer, videographer, and webmaster. Anything brand/strategy goes through him.
  • SMOKE serves as the Director of Business Operations to make sure that SKUT LLC is a smooth-operating machine. He leverages his business acumen and skills in management/administration to helps drive SKUT forward.

From the brand’s design and strategy to the manufacturing and logistics, everything is done completely in-house off of the skills & talents of the two founders.

skut emblem logo black


The Symbol of Shou, which represents Longevity.


The Symbol of Lu, which represents Prosperity.


The Symbol of Fu, which represents Blessings.

Trying to fit a cube into a circular hole is insane, yet our system is established to not only do that, but disregard you if you don’t fit or conform. Society’s disregard for individuality often leads people, especially the youth, to feelings of inferiority and shame. We all have tremendous value and potential, but we, unfortunately, let social conditioning diminish that. So if you find yourself different than the rest, good. Being different doesn’t make you inferior, it quite literally makes you unique. 

The mission of SKUT is to spread knowledge using various tactics. We understand that most great ideas don’t come to fruition simply due to lack of awareness and/or resources. Instead of competing with other start-ups, we hope to leverage our growing knowledge and resources to provide a platform for those who might not have otherwise had them.

Join us on this journey.