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holiday giveaway

It’s the season of giving, and the team here at SKUT is having a major giveaway to not just one, but 3 of our participating followers with the most points from now until Christmas! (see rules below)

The scoreboard will be updated every day.

The winners will be announced on 12/25.


  1. Must be following @www_skut_shop, @j__a__ & @skut.smoke
  2. Must tag two friends in the comment section of the featured post at least once. Each tag counts as 1 POINT. There’s no limit to the number of people or frequency you tag!
  3. Must share to your story at least once. Each story share counts as 2 POINTS.

FIRST PLACE: All 6 EDEN Trucker Hats!

SECOND PLACE: The EDEN Trucker Hat (White & Grey)

THIRD PLACE: The EDEN Trucker Hat (Grey)