Justin Agustin and The SKUT Shop Inspiring People to Achieve a Higher Level of Consciousness

(MENAFN – GetNews) June 15, 2020 – Justin Agustin, an award-winning athlete, creator and entrepreneur, takes on a new startup called SKUT LLC, more commonly known as ‘The SKUT Shop. The brand has been fully operational since April 2020, bringing in thousands in revenue and monthly visitors, and has been recording incremental growth in both fan-base and reach.

Utilizing his experience in digital marketing, Justin was able to bring his creative talents into the fashion industry, taking on the role of the Director of Marketing Operations and Brand Development for SKUT. In this role, he operates as the digital marketing specialist, graphic designer, web developer, photographer, videographer, social media manager for the brand.

In college, Justin was an award-winning, academically and athletically, student-athlete while also doubling also as a Marketing Assistant at Illinois State University for its campus recreation center and athletic department. Shortly after his graduation, he was appointed as a digital marketing technician at a prestigious digital agency, but he wanted something much more than the daily mundane corporate works. He wanted something where he could exercise his creative talents while also making a living.

He decided to relocate to Miami FL, where he collaborated with his childhood friend, Jordan Jones, to build a brand called ‘The SKUT Shop,’ and that’s how the journey of SKUT began. The SKUT Shop is borne out of the urge to help people discover their uniqueness and attract the three elements of good luck, which are Wealth, Prosperity, and Fortune.

In correspondence with Justin, he shared the vision and the drive behind The SKUT Shop, in his words, ‘The purpose behind SKUT is to inspire people to achieve their highest level of potential. We are capable of more than we can imagine, and when we align our actions, thoughts, and emotions to achieve the things which bring joy and inner peace, we’re unstoppable.

The SKUT Shop is a network of individuals who dared to be different in their territory, challenging the environmental status quo and truly delving into what they desire to become. The SKUT’s vision is to inspire people to be fully aware of their abilities, uniqueness, and potential. Eventually, Justin intends to open The SKUT Shop up as a marketplace to other creators/artists alike, who might not have the capabilities or resources available to do so themselves.

SKUT is open for collaboration either as an ambassador, affiliates, and anyone that wants to join The SKUT Shop on a mission to make the world a better place.

For more information about The SKUT Shop and how to become an affiliate, visit  https://skut.shop

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