Meet Jordan, Justin Agustin and Deshon Tuck of SKUT in Miami Shores

The SKUT Team left to right (Deshon Tuck, Justin Agustin, Jordan Jones)

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jordan Jones, Justin Agustin and Deshon Tuck.

Jordan, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.I met Tuck because both of us were teachers and we’re in the same fraternity. We instantly clicked and got an apartment together. Imagine moving to Miami right out of college and getting an apartment with one of your best friends, that’s what happened. Life in Miami was so good to me I started telling Justin he might as well move down here. Me and Justin have been friends since childhood and he was still living in our hometown, Aurora, IL.  I was half joking when I said he should move down but he was dead serious. This was in like, March and by August he had already gotten a new job and moved down here. All three of us rent a house together and we call it the SKUT House.

Has it been a smooth road?Relatively speaking, it has been pretty smooth. I mean it certainly hasn’t been easy. But in general, everything works out exactly how we picture it and we always have good luck. Our house is great, and the neighbors are all cool.  We said that we wanted a hot tub and ended up getting a $3000 one for free. We were able to buy our first pieces of production equipment for an extremely affordable price because of a limited time offer we noticed on Twitter. We got a brand new 40” 4K TV for free and ended up giving it away at our release party. I even I won a Madden Tournament at Aventura Mall and won a free XBOX One so we’re planning on giving that away too. SKUT is like our good luck charm and we want to pass that magic to everybody.

Please tell us about your business.SKUT is like a lucky charm. When you wear SKUT, wealth, prosperity, and fortune are drawn to you. We created SKUT to manifest those three principles into the lives of our customers. People ask, “How does wearing SKUT manifest those things?” and the short answer is, it doesn’t YOU DO. It’s your faith that manifests your hopes and dreams. It’s your persistence and dedication and hard work that brings you wealth. SKUT just helps you stay focused. I always tell people SKUT is for everybody, but everybody won’t be for SKUT. It’s really a mindset.

We’re a street wear brand and we have a ton of designs that we can’t wait to drop. Right now we’re featuring our Emblem shirts, SKUT shirts, SKUT sweat shorts, SKUT & Bones, and our City sweatshirts. Since we make the final product in the SKUT House, we’re able to customize garments. We have a lot of color ways so you’ll be able to find something to match any outfit. Our best seller have has been the long sleeve black shirt with the Neon Yellow logo. It glows in blue light so it’s the perfect Miami vibe.

We do have a women’s line. I created some prototypes for our launch party, but the line will officially launch later this year. It’s going to feature Neon crop tops, crop hoodies and some futuristic two piece sets.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?What we like most about the city is its people. Miami citizens are so multi-cultural and multi-talented that we find inspiration everywhere. Photographers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, there are so many interesting people to collaborate with and a lot of business opportunity. The food is amazing too. We’re on a search for the best brunch spot in the city.

The only thing we don’t really like is the traffic! Miami drivers are terrible, and the city shuts down lanes on the highway all the time. But this is a small price to pay in order to live in paradise.


  • T-Shirts start at $19.99
  • Sweat shorts start at $29.99
  • Sweatshirts start at $39.99

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