SKUT Gives free water at Rolling Loud Concert

By Derrius Rodgers

MIAMI, Florida – Jordan Jones, co-founder of SKUT, has always envisioned the brand to be more than clothes and merchandise.

In 2019, Jordan was a spectator at the annual Rolling Loud Miami concert. He proudly recalls reaching the front row of the main stage, “We had to pass through an ocean of people. Everyone jumping, screaming, falling, trying not to die. It was crazy.” The effort took a toll on his body, he was forced to exit the mosh pit early on the third day of the festival. “I was so exhausted I couldn’t breathe. I was so thirsty. In the middle of thousands of people with no way out,” Jones detailed the ordeal, “The only way you can get out is by jumping up and getting crowd surfed to the front.” It remains one of Jones’ most cherished memories but he also remembered how desperate he was for water.

Fast forward to Rolling Loud Miami 2021 and Jordan wanted to promote the SKUT brand at the festival. Unable to be recognized as an official vendor, he decided to pull up to Rolling Loud with a table and the newest SKUT Vice City Shorts. But he wasn’t there to just sell clothes. He was giving out free water.

The SKUT Team gave away over 240 bottles of water during that Saturday and Sunday. This brought joy to Jordan as he reflected on his experience at Hard Rock Stadium, “Everyone was loving the clothes so that made me feel really good.” He added, “Seeing the looks on people’s faces when I told them the water was free was priceless. It felt good to serve others.”

As the SKUT brand continues to develop and grow within the fashion business, Jordan would like to remind everyone what SKUT is all about. “We care about people. SKUT is more than just dope clothing, we’re dope people.” said Jordan, “When folks see SKUT I want them to feel like they’re amongst friends and family”.

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