SKUT Makes First In-store Appearance

By: Derrius Rodgers

Official Release | September 10, 2021 

MIAMI, Florida – At the Rolling Loud 2021 festival in Miami, co-founder Jordan Jones made an appearance outside of the event on behalf of SKUT.  During this time Jordan was able to engage with the public and spread awareness for the brand.  This public engagement led to the brands’ first retail partnership.

Jordan was approached by a couple, Jay, and Frank, who were impressed with him and the SKUT merchandise. They told him they wanted to collaborate and invited him to a meeting at their clothing store. Named ‘Da Coven’, the store is located in Little Havana and features new trendy streetwear.

Jordan recalls his interaction with the couple and what sparked his interest about Da Coven. “When I met them at Rolling Loud, they had great energy and as an entrepreneur, I am open to all opportunities. When I visited their store, I was very impressed with how it looked. Jay and Frank, the owners, were really friendly and eager to collaborate.” Said Jordan. 

SKUT caught up with Jay, the owner, to learn more about Da Coven and the direction the store is going. “I have always had the same small group of friends, who became parents at an early age and thought of ourselves as “coven” given the fact that we’re a small group of mothers. I come from a family who is very creative, my sister is a fashion designer, my cousins are interior designers, and since I was a child, I have had an infatuation for fashion as well.”  Jay said when asked about the meaning behind ‘Da Coven’. 

When asked specifically why Jay wanted to collaborate with SKUT, she had this to say: “when I saw Jordan outside of Rolling Loud, I saw his passion on display along with his merchandise. I noticed he’s a hustler and goal digger like me. We’re pushing towards fashion goals. I thought to myself, why not push together and help each other out in the process to reach our goals.” 

With this collaboration, SKUT merchandise will be available in-store at Da Coven. “Getting the merch in our first store felt great. I love seeing SKUT making progress. This is another step in the right direction for us. Hopefully we can strengthen our relationship with them, see some sales, and bring that information to more stores. We want to continue to push our brand everywhere we can so this is a great starting point.” said Jordan.  Justin Agustin, a co-founder of SKUT, went on to add “the feeling is surreal. Idea to design, to sample, to product in-store to dozens sold. That I don’t think will ever get old.”The two brands plan to continue their relationship in the future with more collaborations. As for Da Coven, they plan to increase overall brand awareness and open new locations in California and New York. 

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